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To achieve HSE workforce safety goals an organization needs effective Training, Observation and Reporting tools. Our iOSHA HSE products facilitate a more effective process for observations and reporting, resulting in important indicators that effect a more proactive workforce safety posture.

iOSHA HSE ecosystem

Observe • Collect • Report • Trend • Adjust • Train.

• iOSHA’s HSE Professional Technology Solutions 2012 is an intelligent and connected suite of solutions that together form a ecosystem to increase the effectiveness of the practice by leveraging the mobile platform to streamline the acquisition of BBS & Compliance data, synchronizing with a cloud-based SaaS backoffice repository for reporting and trending, whose indicators become the subject of communiqué’s, focus group discussions and training initiatives; which initiatives can take the form of SCORM compliant 3D simulation training for more immersive learning and increased retention.

Cloud-based SaaS backoffice

HSE Trending & Reporting solution

The HSETS cloud solution is designed to streamline the STEP (or other) Observation, Compliance Audit and Management Review data collection and assimilation process, centralizing it into a single secure data repository, providing accelerated data acquisition and access to drill-down reporting for management analysis and response. Turning data into near real-time intelligence for the identification of risks and facilitate preventive measures for a proactive response.

Multi-platform Mobile Apps

Behavior-based Safety • Compliance • Process Safety Management

Our BBS, CAP & PSM products are designed to assist the HSE department streamline the data collection and reporting of Observations, Compliance, HESS, Contractor / Department, Management or PSM Audits from the field by replacing the manual method and duplicity that accompanies it, which in turn, increases access to near real-time info (datasets) for internal processes, determination of metric indicators that aid in meeting organizational workforce awareness, corrective action, reporting and training goals.

3D Game-based Learning

Immersive simulations for immersive targeted training objectives

3D Training Simulations are designed to augment and integrate with current LMS Training systems by providing a web-based, cost effective, realistic, virtual learning solution where On-Site training would be ideal but impractical, expensive and rarely possible. The simulations are compliant with ISO 13407 Human Centered Design processes for interactive systems and SCORM 2.1, which facilitates ease of integration, management and simplicity of usage. Game-based learning focuses on three main processes; environment / scenario realism, sequences and learning objectives, to create a 3D immersive experience that engages and educates the learner..